Angola and EAU sign financing agreement for electrification of cities and e-governance

 The Minister of Finance, Vera Daves de Sousa, initialed this Wednesday, January 18, in Abu Dhabi, on behalf of the Angolan State, two financing agreements in global value of USD 122.63 million with Abu Export Credit Agency Dubai (ADEX). The first initialed agreement will serve to finance the project for the Acquisition of a Analytics Platform, Main Data Center, Backup Data Center and the National Cloud Platform, in the global amount of USD 89.00 million. This project will support the telecommunications infrastructure and information, as an integral part of the central system, for the unification of services administrative functions of the State, whose implementation will allow the improvement of the quality in the information inherent to the services provided by the different Ministerial Departments, in the use of institutional electronic mail and modernization of public administration. The second agreement aims at Strengthening and Maintaining Public Lighting in the cities of Luanda, Malange, N´dalatando and Uíge, in the global amount of USD 33.64 million. The public lighting system in the city of Luanda, Malange, N’Dalatando and Uíge, is currently degraded, having suffered extensive damage over the years. caused by road accidents, acts of vandalism, theft, as well as the absence of maintenance.

Therefore, this project has a direct impact on improving the quality of life in population by strengthening public safety, promoting recreational activities healthy habits such as the practice of sports, leisure and culture, the reduction of traffic accidents with pedestrians and vehicles and the attraction of tourists, in addition to its economic impact. ADEX (Abu Dhabi Exports Office) is the financial arm of the Abu Dhabi Fund for the Development (ADFD) and its social object is to support the exports of companies of the United Arab Emirates, without neglecting the role that these companies must play to develop, in their area of ​​action, local content in the countries where they operate. You financing agreements now signed constitute its first operations with Angola. INSTITUTIONAL COMMUNICATION OFFICE OF THE MINISTRY OF FINANCE, in Luanda, January 18, 2023

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