Angola snatches gold in ju-jitsu on world championship abu dhabi 2022

Angola snatches gold in the United Arab Emirates Angolan athlete Heliane Caio won the first gold medal at the Under-16 Ne-Waza World Jiu-Jitsu Championship, Sunday (30), in the over 63 kg category, by defeating home opponent Almarzooqi Alhanoof in the competition. which takes place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In a video released on the official website of the Embassy of Angola in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, the 15-year-old fighter expressed her joy at the first place on the podium and the respective gold medal. “Fortunately, I won the first place, I fought four times, I got two professionalizations, one of them by 16-0 and the other by 2-0. My performance was great, I won the title, because I trained to get here”, said Heliane Gaius. In the same event, Angola also took third place on the podium, through Alíria Mendes da Conceição. In November last year, the athlete achieved her second world title, in that Middle Eastern country. The fighter, then 13 years old (yellow belt), had the first fight with Malika Salimova, from Kazakhstan, and the second, with Ghala Moahamed, from the United Arab Emirates, winning both fights. Aliria began her journey of conquests in 2014, at the Angola Cup, at just six years old, having snatched a silver medal. The following year, he took third place on the podium, in the Youth Youth Tournament of the modality. Currently, Alíria has more than two dozen career medals in her gallery, including 20 gold, two silver and one bronze.

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