Chamber of commerce Angola and UAE sign agreement to strengthen business partnerships with Sharjah

The president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Angola – United Arab Emirates, Bráulio Mohammed Sanda Martins, signed today, 02.12.2023, in Dubai, a memorandum of understanding with Sheikh Ahmed Al-Qassim, of the Royal Family of Sharjah, for the reinforcement of business partnerships between the two countries. The ceremony attended by the Ambassador of Angola to the United Arab Emirates, Albino Malungo, served for both parties to assume the commitment to develop a specific project of business opportunities, attraction and attraction of investments for Angola, with the support of related institutions. Within the scope of the initialed memorandum, an international conference is expected to be held with the main national and world-renowned representatives, within the framework of the GBA – Global Business Forum Angola, of a global scope, of a Conference and Exhibition nature of the Economy Sector in Angola, in simultaneously with the International Conference on Business Opportunities, whose launch took place in 2022 with its first edition. For the organization of the GBA Conference, the signatory parties agree to include the sectors of Agribusiness, Diamonds, Gold, Oil and Gas, within the framework of its strategy of events of an economic and business nature, considering them as fundamental pillars in economic and social development from Angola and the United Arab Emirates. The parties considered that the aforementioned sectors are strategic for the national economy and underlie the objectives and goals to be achieved, whose metrics to be considered must reflect on the development and progress of companies and society, based on the opportunities generated, as a result of the conjuncture economy, aligned with the efficiency of banking and non-banking financial sector services. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was also attended by representatives of the Embassy of Angola in the UAE, the chairman of the Board of Directors of the Luanda-Bengo Special Economic Zone, Manuel Francisco Pedro, as well as members of the Angola-UAE Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This association took ZEE to the “Sharjah Investment Forum” for the first time, which took place from 8 to 9 February in that Emirate, in an Angolan delegation led by the president of the Angola-Emirate Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bráulio Martins.