Condolence Message

CONDOLENCE MESSAGE THE HIS HIGHNESS MOHAMED BIN RASHID AL-MAKTOUM VICE PRESIDENT AND PRIME MINISTER OF THE UNITED ARAB EMIRATES I learned of the death of His Majesty Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nayan, President of the United Arab Emirates, due to illness. The death of this illustrious figure from the United Arab Emirates is an irreparable loss for your country, where his actions positively and indelibly marked the history of the Emirates, which managed, thanks to strong internal cohesion, to assert itself in the world as a great modern and prosperous nation. Faced with this unfortunate event, I bow to the memory of the deceased and take the opportunity to present, on behalf of the Angolan Executive and on my own, our deep feelings of condolence, which I ask you to extend to friends and the entire family. bereaved Please accept, Your Highness, the expression of my feelings of solidarity in this moment of pain and mourning for Your Nation.

João Manuel Goncalves Lourenço President of the Republic of Angola

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