New minister of state for economic coordination takes position

In a ceremony that took place today 9th june  in the Main Hall of the Presidency of the Republic, José de Lima Massano was sworn in today as Minister of State for Economic Coordination. The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, who swore in the new Minister of State, was flanked by the Vice-President of the Republic, Esperança da Costa, in an act that also brought together Ministers of State, Ministers, the Governor of the province of Luanda and Secretaries of the President. After the different protocol moments, such as the swearing-in and the signing of the inauguration book by José de Lima Massano, the President of the Republic uttered brief words, which are reproduced below: 《 Madam Vice-President of the Republic, Ministers of State, Ministers, Governor of the province of Luanda, Ladies and Gentlemen Secretaries of the President of the Republic, Dear Dr. José Massano, Minister of State for Economic Coordination, We held this ceremony because we understand that the economy of any country is something very important, as important as national security is, perhaps even more so because national security itself depends a lot on the health of the country’s economy. And everything else depends on the good health of the country’s economy.The great disease of our economy is still the strong dependence on oil revenues. Therefore, the great challenge we have from now on is to work towards accelerating the diversification process of our economy. We need to produce much more outside the oil sector, to further transform the countless mineral resources that the country has, to transform them here, to manufacture a set of goods that are essential for the lives of the populations and, in this way, to increase the range of exported goods. The task for you is perhaps not very difficult, judging by your rich curriculum, judging by the fact that you are coming from banking. It will easily know how to mobilize the bank to start financing the national economy more. We are very excited about your appointment to this important post. It comes at a time when you are going to find a delicate dossier, but one that we need to resolve to the satisfaction not only of the economy but also of the citizens who, in some way, end up being affected. So very lucky! Count on the support of all of us, the President of the Republic and the entire Executive, for the successful performance of the duties you assume from this moment on. 

Thank you very much

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