Banking receives 38 new credit applications in five days

In the week of 17 to 21 May this year, 38 new requests for financing were transferred to the Bank, increasing to 95 projects under negotiation, within the scope of the Production Support, Export Diversification and Import Replacement Program (PRODESI).

The 95 projects are in line with Notice 10/20 of the National Bank of Angola (BNA) with 69 requests, the Credit Support Program (PAC) with 24 and the Deutsche Bank Credit Line and Presidential Decree 98/20 on capital goods. national origin, with one request each, according to the Secretary of State for Economy, Mário Caetano João, this Tuesday, May 25, in the Briefing of the Ministry of Economy and Planning (MEP).

Since 2019, Mário Caetano informed, the financial instruments and products available to PRODESI have made it possible to approve 780 projects, with a forecast to generate approximately 50 thousand jobs.

The approved projects amount to 539.9 billion kwanzas, with 378.9 billion corresponding to 233 projects last year and 65.7 billion to 30 projects approved this year under Notice 10/20.

The Deutsche Bank credit line provided 82 billion kwanzas for three projects in 2020, and 41.4 billion was spent under Economic Relief Measures. The PAC supported 19 projects with 34.3 billion kwanzas and other commercial banking financial instruments and products financed three projects with a global value of 574 million kwanzas.

Regarding the distribution by sector, Mário Caetano João informed that since 2019, 357 projects for agriculture, commerce and distribution 226, manufacturing industry 113, livestock 30, aquaculture 24, sea fishing 25 and continental fishing five have been approved.

At the level of each province, 168 projects were approved in Luanda, Benguela 60, Huambo 58, Huíla 49, Cuanza Sul, 43, Cuando Cubango and Bengo 40, Bié 38, Uíge 36, Lunda Sul and Malanje 32, Cunene and Namibe 30, Cabinda 28, Lunda Norte 25, Zaire and Cuanza Norte 24 and Moxico 23, totaling 780.

At this moment, the registration of producers is taking place on the National Production Disclosure Portal (PPN), which currently congregates 12,637 national producers, 120 more than last week.

According to the Secretary of State for the Economy, Huíla province has 2,110 registered producers, Bié 1,586, Huambo 1,580, Malanje 1,288, Luanda 1,017, Cunene 806, Benguela 623, Cuanza Norte 583, Lunda Sul 545, Cuanza Sul 518, Bengo 426, Uíge 330, Cabinda 258, Zaire 241, Namibe 237, Lunda Norte 228, Cuando Cubango 128 and Moxico 133.

Regarding credit applications not approved so far, Mário Caetano points out the causes of the process of decentralization of the banking system, the preference of banks to finance certain projects at the expense of others, as well as the fact that Luanda continues to be the largest economic center from the country.

The Secretary of State ensures that a credit information service called the “Credit Bureau” is in place to help the Bank look at the discipline of those who request funding and their culture of paying for public services such as water, energy, collection garbage, among others.

Regarding the project to modernize the cooperatives, he said that INAPEM developed 53 training actions, with the aim of modernizing the management of the cooperatives and creating a network of managers, prepared and available to provide necessary support to the entrepreneurs that are organized.

In the week in question, 15 credit applications were registered in the amount of 61.3 million kwanzas.

Since the operation of the microcredit financing line under the Economic Relief Measures, 2,362 applications have been registered in the amount of approximately 5.5 billion kwanzas.

In the field of training for Municipal Producer Support Agents (AMAP), 800 are already trained by the Ministry of Economy and Planning, to register producers at a national level.

There are 96 Municipal Producer Support Agents in Uíge Province, in Malanje and Huíla 84, Huambo 66, Lunda Norte, Benguela and Cuanza Norte 60 each, Bié 59, Moxico and Luanda 54, Zaire 36, Cunene and Bengo 36, Namibe 30 , Cabinda and Lunda Sul 24.

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