Trade & Investment

Trade & Investment


AIPEX (Agency for Private Investment and Promotion of Exports of Angola)

AIPEX , is a legal person governed by public law, with legal personality, administrative, financial and equity autonomy, dedicated to export promotion, private investment funding, registration of investment proposals, institutional support and monitoring of the implementation of investment projects and internationalization of Angolan companies.

Why Invest in Angola

Market Potential

  • 31.1 Million of Citizens
  • GDP per capita US$ 3,484.60
  • 300 Million consumers in SADC
  • Replace imports with Private Investment in the priority sectors

Social and Economic Stability

  • Democracy and Free Elections

Political Willingness

  • Government focused on attracting Private Investment
  • Nem Private Investment Law 10/18
  • Law of Competition
  • Programs to encourage investment and diversification

Variable Challenges to Improve

  • Infrastructures
  • Human Capital
  • Business Environment (Ranking in Doing Business)
  • Productive Chains
  • State support (Purchasing and Protection)


  • 50M Hectars de Forest
  • 35M Hectars of Arable Land (14% in use)
  • 1650 KM of Coast and Irrigation Capacity of 7.5M Hectars
  • SADC, AGOA, WTO, Africa Free Trade Agreement
  • Diplomatic relations with 149 countries
  • Privileged relations with border and other southern African countries
  • Excellent relations with countries such as China, the United States of America, Russia, Brazil, Portugal, France and the United Arab Emirates

How to Invest in Angola


The process begins with the application for registration of the Investment Proposal, which can be done through SETIP (Sistema Electronico de Tramitação do Investimento Privado), or through direct contact with AIPEX services.

Required Documents

The company by which the private investment project is implemented must be established in advance and must apply for private investment registration in investment schemes provided for in the Private Investment Law (LAW No. 10/18 of June 26th), submit the following documents:

  • letter of application for registration of the private investment proposal and its issuance of the CRIP, addressed to AIPEX;
  • Investment Project Declaration Form and its duly completed annexes (available at AIPEX service desks and
  • a copy of the Commercial Registration Certificate in the event of a legal person;
  • copies of the identification of tenderers (Identity Card or Passport) in the case of being individual persons;
  • the deliberative minutes of the decision to register the investment project;
  • document proving the existence of funds or other forms of implementation of the declared private investment project (Bank Declaration: for the form of conduct in monetary means and a suitable document passed at the origin by a declared private investment asset assessment, duly certified, for the form of performance in machinery and equipment);
  • the training plan and gradual replacement of the foreign workforce by the national, pursuant to Article 46(3) of the Private Investment Law;
  • power of attorney in the event of representation of the tenderer.

Tax and Customs Benefits

Tax and customs benefits are granted to private investment projects depending on the investment regime in which they are framed.

Foreseeable Declaration Scheme; applies to private investments made outside sectors considered a priority for the purposes of the private investment law.

  • Private Investment Law
  • Tax Benefits
  • Business Opportunities in Angola
  • Angola’s Privatization Program – PROPRIV
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