“We are proud of the behavior of Angolans in the UAE” The Consul General of Angola in Dubai, Bento André “Morgado” announced this Friday, 17.11.2023, that around 200 Angolans reside in the UAE, of which less than 1% are detained or imprisoned due to conflict with the country’s law welcoming. Speaking during the celebrations of 48 years of National Independence celebrated with the Angolan community in Dubai, the Angolan diplomat stated that resident Angolans are not part of the statistics of conflicting communities, “a fact that fills us with pride”. On the other hand, he said that two Angolan citizens were recently deported by the Emirati authorities for irregular stay in the host country. For humanitarian reasons, he said, the Consulate General of Angola in Dubai provided material and financial assistance and support for the repatriation of two Angolan families totaling eight members. As part of the November 11th commemorations, the Consulate in Dubai promoted a lecture on “Migration Law-Legal Permanence in the United Arab Emirates aimed at the Angolan community. “We reiterate the need and importance of consular registration of all citizens in whose area they settled permanent residence or meet occasionally”, said Consul Bento André “Morgado”.

Consular registration aims to facilitate your identification and location, be included in the consular post’s files, facilitate the practice of consular acts and processing and obtaining certain documents and other services. Data recently advanced during the launch on 11.11.2023 of the “Itinerant Acts of Consular Registration” by the Consulate General of Angola in Dubai, jurist Edson Moreno, who spoke on “Migration Law”, announced that more than 10,500 illegal residents were processed in the United Arab Emirates in 2022. He stated that visitors and tourists should be aware of the risk of working illegally in the UAE, adding that offenders could be subject to fines, deportation and a visa ban. The business development professional in the United Arab Emirates clarified that Angolan citizens need to obtain a visa before traveling to the United Arab Emirates, stating that there are a variety of short and long-term visa options available, offering multiple entries or unique. Visas are valid for entry into the United Arab Emirates for up to 60 days from the date of issuance. The UAE residency visa is available to foreigners who buy property in the country, start a business, be accepted into a local university and hired by a local company.


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