Bahrain looks forward to Angola participation in the Assembly of the inter-parliamentary

Bahrain is looking forward to Angola’s presence at the 146th General Assembly of the Interparliamentary Union, which will take place from 11 to 15 March 2023 in the capital Manama. This will was expressed yesterday, 01/26/2023, by the parliamentary leader of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Ahmed bin Salman Almusalam, to the Ambassador of Non-Resident Angola in that Middle East country, Albino Malungo, who participated in the preparatory meeting of the great international event. The also president of the Council of Representatives of Bahrain guided the meeting to evaluate the preparatory work of the Parliamentary Assembly that this year will take place under the theme: “Promoting Peaceful Coexistence and Inclusive Societies, Combating Intolerance”. “It is with great satisfaction that I leave this meeting, judging by my brief meeting with the parliamentary leader of the Kingdom of Bahrain who expressed the desire to see an Angolan parliamentary delegation among the 178 parliaments participating in the 146th session of the IPU”, said the Angolan diplomat residing in the United Arab Emirates, moments after the encounter. Yesterday’s event, convened by the Chamber of Deputies of the Kingdom of Bahrain, was attended by several Ambassadors from Arab and foreign countries, residents and non-residents.

Interparliamentary Union The Interparliamentary Union (UIP), founded on 30 June 1889 by Frédéric Passy and William Randal Cremer, is the international organization of parliaments. It is the only organization that represents the legislative branch of Governments on a world scale. Unlike other international organizations, it is not an Intergovernmental Organization but an institution for the promotion of cooperation between parliaments. It works under the United Nations system, and its fundamental purpose is to obtain peace, cooperation between peoples and the consolidation of representative institutions through political dialogue. It is regarded as the pioneering international political organization, with 178 affiliated national parliaments and 12 associated regional parliamentary assemblies. Today, the IPU is the main parliamentary interlocutor of the United Nations and brings the voice of parliaments to the decision-making processes of the United Nations, regularly presenting its resolutions in the General Assembly, making declarations, participating in debates and organizing parliamentary meetings on the themes main on the UN agenda. In 2002, the United Nations assigned it permanent observer status, as a result of recognition of the important role it plays. INSTITUTIONAL COMMUNICATION SERVICES AND PRESS, ON JANUARY 27, 20