Lecture on Masfamu programs marks the celebration of international women’s day at Expo 2020 Dubai

LECTURE ON MASFAMU PROGRAMS MARKS THE CELEBRATION OF INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY AT EXPO 2020 DUBAI The lecture on “Projects for Strengthening Social Protection” presented at Expo 2020 Dubai attracted great interest from the participants of the event, which took place today (03.08.2022), at the Angola Pavilion, at the largest international exhibition, attended by Ambassador Albino Malungo and the Commissioner Albina Assisi. The topics were discussed by the Director of the Institutional Communication and Press Office of the Ministry of Social Action, Family and Women Promotion (MASFAMU), Emília Kacongo, and by the Head of Department for Monitoring Social Transfers and Productive Integration of the National Directorate for Social Action , Daisy Milk. The lecturers spoke about the good practices of the Kwenda and Valor Criança Projects, as well as the “Study on Diversity in Organizations”. For Margarida Leite, the Kwenda project has already benefited more than 300,000 families across the country (164 municipalities), while the “Valor Criança” project has benefited more than 18,399 beneficiaries. The speaker said in front of an audience made up essentially of women that Kwenda works with different types of technicians, namely those from the Social Support Fund (FAS), those from Municipal and Communal Administrations and those from Municipal Social Action. In 59.1% of the paid households, the holders of the benefit are women.

 The main objective of the program is to strengthen the capacity of the Social Protection Sector to implement short and medium term poverty alleviation measures, as well as increase the purchasing and financial capacity of vulnerable families and help to establish a National Protection System. Effective social. The goal set for the program is to reach 1,608,000 households globally. The components of Kwenda cover Social Monetary Transfers, Productive Inclusion, Municipalization of Social Action and the Single Social Registry. The Kwenda program has an approved budget of US$420 million, of which US$320 million is provided by the World Bank and US$100 million by the Angolan Government. As for the “Study on Diversity in Organizations”, presented by Emília Kacongo, who represented the Minister of Social Action, Family and Women Promotion (MASFAMU), Faustina Alves, at the event, stated that the statistics on the parity of women in decision-making bodies is going up. Emília Kacongo revealed that the Government is concerned about placing more women in key sectors of the economy. In all sectors, in the case of the National Assembly, Ministries, Provincial Governments, including diplomacy, there are more women in the present than in the past. Strengthening cooperation During the lecture, Ambassador Albino Malungo informed that, in addition to the areas mentioned for cooperation with the United Arab Emirates, there is an expressed will for cooperation in the area of ​​Social Action, which is why he will influence the Ministries (of Happiness of the UAE) and MASFAMU (Angola) so that advantageous agreements can be established. The activity took place in celebration of the 8th of March, dedicated to International Women’s Day, under the motto: “Gender equality today for a sustainable tomorrow”. Opening The Commissioner-General of Angola for Expo 2020 Dubai, Albina Assis Africano, highlighted the notoriety of women in the State apparatus, of which 30% correspond to parliamentary seats and about 19.5% to the Executive. “Which shows the Government’s political action of equity, but that is still a way to go, aimed at reducing the asymmetries that subsist in rural areas”, highlighted the entity. In addition to the event being attended by the Ambassador of Angola to the United Arab Emirates, Albino Malungo, and his wife, Gilbertina Malungo, there were several other women representing the Diplomatic Mission in the UAE, the Consulate General of Angola in Dubai and the Angolan Pavilion. at the Expo.

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