Temporary exhibitions signal March 8 at Expo2020 Dubai

TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS SIGNAL MARCH 8 AT EXPO 2020 DUBAI The Angola Pavilion Art Gallery at Expo 2020 Dubai exhibits the Tondongo Collection, the Feminine Universe, which will be on display from March 7th to 20th, 2022. The exhibition was opened today (8.03.2022), in allusion to the commemoration of International Women’s Day by the Commissioner-General of Angola for Expo 2020 Dubai, Albina Assis Africano, in the presence of the Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Albino Malungo. The exhibition brings together artists from various horizons, thus showing the diversity and richness of contemporary art celebrated by women and aims to create ties of cultural exchange, thus strengthening the exchange of experiences in the artistic sphere. 32 works will be presented in different artistic styles such as painting, sculpture, modeling, application in fabric, photography and performance arts by nine artists. Armanda Alves, Carla Peairo, Daniela Ribeiro and Fineza Tetae Maria Belmira Gumbe, who have already participated with individual exhibitions at the Gallery, present works from the series “A Dinâmica do Ser”, “Traces of a Legacy”, “Ancestrality and Technology”, “Symbiosis and Weaving Memories”, respectively. Joining this international exhibition are the Angolan “dance performer” and choreographer Aneth Silva. Anastasie Akibodé, a Frenchwoman with African roots that date back to Cape Verde, Benin and Senegal, presents “Interconnected Artistic Energies” and Miriam Rodriguez, born in Portugal, with origins from Cape Verde and Angola, shows the collection “Renascere, as well as the plastic artist Márcia Dias, Angolan and cultural ambassador for the Óscar Ribas Foundation, presents the set of works “Resilience”. Tondongo, the Feminine Universe, “ritualistic scarification”, feminine and African, is an exhibition that symbolizes the gestation of being and marks the union of different languages ​​that harmonize in the common feeling of strength and creativity.

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