The speech of his excellency president of Angola, João Lourenço on Angola National Day November 11, 2021

Angolans and Angolans Dear compatriots When, at dawn on 11 November 1975, the late President António Agostinho Neto solemnly proclaimed, on behalf of the Angolan People, to Africa and the World our National Independence, a new country was born and the hope of a whole was enshrined. People. That night we joyfully celebrated the culmination of a long and difficult journey together. By proclaiming our independence, we became free and equal, we became masters of our own destiny, we finally became proudly ANGOLAN. From that dawn on, our Flag began to float high in the concert of nations and to echo our Anthem, the anthem of freedom and hope. The colonial occupation was the first great test of our resilience, our fearless capacity to fight for our rights and objectives, our unyielding union in the face of great challenges and our firm will to win. United, we fought and won the challenge of independence. This is, therefore, a moment of recognition and gratitude to all those who, from the remotest times of the beginning of colonization, fought, sweated, shed their blood and gave their lives so that, from the darkness of night, it could be born the light of freedom. The dream of independence fulfilled was, however, a means to reach the ultimate end of building a prosperous society.

DEAR COMPATRIOS Sadly, the cheering for National Independence was delayed shortly after its inception. The dream proclaimed on November 11, 1975 to build a prosperous society for all was postponed. The prolonged war tore the lives of many Angolans, destroyed our country and prevented us from realizing our dreams of independence, postponed the country, compromised the future of several generations and delayed the fulfillment of our wishes. Also in this area, our capacities for resistance, struggle, unity and strong will to win challenges were put to the test, however, once again, WE WIN! We conquered peace, maintained national unity and, with sincere forgiveness on the face and soul of every Angolan, we reconciled the Nation. In fact, the challenges of maintaining the achievements of peace, of building national unity and building a reconciled nation, are permanent and must be part of our daily lives. DEAR COMPATRIOS In nearly 20 years of peace, together we have taken a path that we should be proud of. The country is being rebuilt; We build and rebuild ports, airports and railways, invest in education and health by building and rebuilding schools and hospitals across the country and recruiting thousands of teachers, doctors and nurses. We increased the supply of housing, reduced the illiteracy rate, increased the number of portfolios at all levels of education, the number of hospital beds, diagnostic and treatment facilities in the national health system increased considerably, investment in the national health system grew considerably. production, transport and distribution of electricity and drinking water on a national scale.

The achievements of National Independence and peace are indelible marks of our history, which fill each one of us with pride and encourage us to face the long road ahead, to overcome the challenges of our time. We have a past that makes us proud and drives us to build a better future. Making Angola a prosperous nation is the main challenge of our time, it is possible and within our reach. The road is long and complex, but I am sure that together we will win if we all work to maintain political and social stability, continuing to build and consolidate a democratic society, based on the rule of law and respect for the Constitution and the Law. To meet today’s challenges, we need to continue to invest our time, knowledge and resources in changing Angola’s economic structure by diversifying our economy. Exploiting our full potential is crucial to relaunching and diversifying the economy, encouraging domestic and foreign private investment, promoting growth, generating employment and making the social state sustainable. In order to overcome today’s challenges, it is essential that we continue to invest in the moralization of society and in the construction of a Nation, whose foundational pillars are moral values. We need to continue to mobilize every Angolan so that we participate in the fight to prevent and fight corruption. DEAR COMPATRIOS The COVID-19 pandemic still does not allow us to celebrate our Independence as we would like, forcing us to continue with the biosafety measures recommended by the health authorities and massively adhere to vaccination posts, so that we can more quickly create the conditions to return to normal life . But despite this, today is a day of celebration, a day of victory, hope and glory, a day of reflection on our glorious journey, and on how much we still have to face in order to overcome the challenges of our time. As in the past, this is a time to believe, fight and work hard to win the development battle.

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