Zimbabwe invites Angolan to invest in the countrys media sector

Zimbabwe invites Angolan businessmen to invest in the country’s media sector Angolan Ambassador Albino Malungo participated in the closing of the event The Minister of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services of Zimbabwe, Monica Mutswangwa, invited Angolans interested in investing in the Social Communication sector in that southern African country. The Zimbabwean official’s appeal was made on the sidelines of an event “Zimbabwe-Dubai Media Day and Networking” held yesterday (11/03/2022) at the Angola Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. Exclusively to Televisão Pública de Angola (TPA), Monica Mutswangwa said that it would be an asset if businesspeople in the region direct their investments to the media sector in their country. In relation to Angola, he said that he will shortly contact the Minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication, Manuel Homem, to study the possibility of Angolan investments in the sector he directs in his country. “This is a good opportunity for Angolans to invest in Zimbabwe, as we are going to give them privileged treatment, as the person in charge of the Communication Sector, I am ready to receive them, and I will try to talk to my Social Communication counterpart in Angola. , to share these opportunities and experiences… we can do a lot together”, he stressed. The media market in Zimbabwe is fertile for foreign investors. “There are many opportunities within the region and we believe that while we invite investors from outside the region, there are also people within the region that we should connect with”, said the Minister, for whom there is a good business environment in Zimbabwe. For the Commissioner-General for Expo Dubai, Albina Assis, the invitation made opens another door for Angolans who want to bet on the communication market “…but it is not only Zimbabwe that has made the appeal for foreign investment, Angola is according to Albina Assis, a diversified market with several opportunities for foreign investment.In addition to the Media, there are several other investment opportunities available in Zimbabwe in the mining, agriculture, tourism and manufacturing sectors, according to the official.

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